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    Shrinking your energy bills isn't rocketscience.  Because
    hot air rises, most heatlost in a home goes through the
    roof.  What causes heat loss?  Leaks in attic floors or your
    ceiling are the culprit, lowering the R-value of attic
    insulation and draining 30 to 50 percent of a home's heating
    or cooling energy.  Ga. Code is a R-38 in the attic (which is
    almost 16-18 full inches on insulation).  The DOE
    recommends  R-48 for Ga.  This is the most inexpensive
    way to get returns on your investment.
Cotton Insulation
Radiant Barrier
    Floor Insulation

    A home does lose energy through the floor but the biggest advantage is comfort.  If you have a
    floor the is cold too the touch like wood, laminate or tile its a cheap quick fix if underneath the
    floor is accessible to insulate.

    Home Energy is one of the few companies in Georgia that specialize in "Old"
    insulation removal. This may be needed due to fire damage, Rodent
    infiltration or water damage.  We offer a clean and quick removal usually in
    one days time.
Want to crunch your energy bill? Heating and cooling
costs account for most of your energy bills, so proper
insulation can help you save a lot of money, and eco-friendly
insulation can help you save the Earth at the same time.
Here is a  green insulation option:

Formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation. Not only is
it about the same price as conventional fiberglass insulation,
it's healthier because there are no formaldehyde fumes that
could cause sinus or lung problems. And since it's naturally
white, no dyes are used.